Strathearn Harriers - New Year's Day Run 2014

Achievement Ladder

Achievement Standards are used to help club members set targets for themselves and to recognise individual running achievement.

The Achievement Standards use age-weighted times for three common race distance - 10k, half-marathon and marathon. Use this link to see the times.

The Achievement Ladder awards points for each race - 10k, half marathon and marathon - to recognise continued effort throughout the year. Points will be awarded as follows:

10k 10 20 30 40
Half marathon 10 20 30 40
Marathon 20 30 40 50

In addition, extra points will be awarded for:

  • new pbs at any of the Standards distances (10 extra points)
  • moving up a Standards category (e.g. moving up from Club to Bronze, Bronze to Silver, etc.) (10 extra points)

To have your points awarded, you must provide Susan Alexander with the details - race, date, location and your time. Please don't expect Susan to spend her weekends trawling for results.

Name 10k Half Marathon Marathon Total Points
Fiona McDonald Gold Silver 90
Lauren Fairweather Club Club 70
Daryl van Blerk Silver Bronze 60
Neil Scholes Silver 60
Nicola Watson Bronze Bronze 60
Maddy Watson Silver 40
John Davidson Bronze 30
Gerard Chouet Club 30
Julia Greenlees Bronze 20
Nick Gough Club 20
Beth Scholes Club 20
Andrew Brown Club 20
Monica Thomson Club 20
Josie Goodfellow Club 10
Savannah Sweeney Club 10
Richard Collingwood Club 10
Andy Gallagher Club 10
Jim Alexander Club 10
Tony Wayte Club 10
Andrew Aitken Club 10