Strathearn Harriers - New Year's Day Run 2014

5 x 5 relay

Friday, August 8, 2014

This year's 5 x 5 relay marked the 30th anniversary of the foundation of the club. The event took place in scorching temperatures and saw a couple of people lose their way and, in a first for the event, one hospitalisation due to heat exhaustion. Assorted fancy dress was on display including tutus. Dennis The Menace-style tops and boxing gloves. In the event, the boxing gloves weren't called into action.

Eventual winners of the relay were Rachel's Relay Rockets, comprising Rachel G, Jim McC, Phil T, who looked thoroughly spent at the Turret dam, Mary and Ruth, following detailed scrutiny of times and careful calculations. Many congratulations. Sadly, Liz's LA84 Allstars didn't win the much-sought-after fancy dress competition, being edged out by The Headless Chickens.

The summer barbeque at the Rugby Club in the evening gave Jim McConnell the opportunity to regale the assembled throng with tales of the club as it was way back when it was founded.