Strathearn Harriers - New Year's Day Run 2014

Colonsay capers

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

As the final cherry on the top of a two week long “Wild About Argyll” project to promote Argyll as a place for adventure activities, Mark Beaumont and Phil M took on the MacPhies of Colonsay. The highest point on the island is just 470 feet so the MacPhies are all the hills above a modest 300 feet. However, the cumulative effect of 22 of these, many of which were heavily defended by thick bracken, heather and brambles, made it a tough challenge. Having arrived by plane at 9.30am, the goal was to bag all the summits and return to sea level before the scheduled departure time for the return flight. With various stops and minor detours for the accompanying film crew’s benefit, we were never going to challenge Jethro Lennox’s 3.56 record but a sub 6-hour effort gave us enough time to recover before being shoe-horned back into the 10 seater plane for the return journey. Colonsay is beautiful and easy to get to (ferry or plane) making it a great place for a couple of days running or walking.

Surely one of the more unusual Harriers outings!