Strathearn Harriers - New Year's Day Run 2014

Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon

Monday, June 5, 2017

The year’s Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon was held in the beautiful Fisherfield area, taking in some of Scotland’s most spectacular mountain landscapes. In the B event, Andy Greaves and Andy Aitken (on his mountain marathon debut) were lying in 13th position at the end the first day, which entailed 26km and a hefty 1520m of ascent, in a time of 6.02.14. Day 2 saw them move up one place in the rankings to finish in 12th position, in an overall total time for the two days of 11.11.51.

In the C event, Cathy Tilbrook and Doug Flint were lying in 17th position at the end of their first day of 24km and 1180m ascent in a time of 5.47.03. They slipped one place on Day 2 to finish in 18th position, in an overall time of 11.20.41. There’s a slightly complicated formula for ranking Vets teams in this event, to place Doug and Cathy as 4th Mixed vet team.

Assorted pics and reports on the LAMM website

In Andy A's own words:

Brief highlights have included: Beer, music, piper @ silly o'clock, knee high heather, mental hill accents, gorge scrambling, ticks and midges, thunder and lightening, custard (although I forgot to take the apple pie!!), whisky, sleeping closer to another male than I do my wife at times 😨, Munro's, ridge running, arse nipping descents, getting lost among rhododendrons 200m from the finish and deciding **** it let's jump in the river and canyoning to the bottom 🏊 😂. Most of all though a lot of fun with friends