Strathearn Harriers - New Year's Day Run 2014

2017 Championship Tables

Championship standings 3/9/17

Championship standings at 3/9/17 show the points totals, and runners' names marked with asterisks* have completed at least one of each required category race.

Race 9 Brig Bash

Race 9 of the championship was the Brig Bash, organised by Perth Road Runners and run in the quiet back roads outside Bridge of Earn.

The race was won by Iain MacDonald of Edinburgh AC in 27.08. The women's race was won by Annabel Simpson of Kinross Road Runners in 28.36. Wattie won a nice engraved whisky glass as his 1st MV50 trophy, and Maddy continued her excellent summer with a very good 34.24.

Big points for Wattie and Maddy, both playing their jokers.

Championship points scored

Wattie Mackay 28.39 Maddy Watson 21.73
Gary Brock 11.64 Nicola Watson 10.44
Tony Wayte 11.04 Lynne Aitken 9.30
    Julia Greenlees 8.89
    Lauren Fairweather 8.45
    Susan Sharp 8.00

Race 8 Milnathort Dash

Race 8 of the championship was the Milnathort Dash, organised by Kinross Road Runners and run in the quiet back roads outside Milnathort. The club has done well with prizes at this race in the past, and this year was no exception, with Maddy Watson finishing 3rd woman overall and picking up good Championship points, Wattie taking another MV50 prize, and Gordon winning 1st MV60.

Championship points scored:

Wattie Mackay 13.85 Maddy Watson 11.89
Paul Taylor 12.16 Lauren Fairweather 9.03
Gary Brock 10.49 Nicola Watson


Gordon Morrison 10.06    
Andy Gallagher 8.95    
Dave Griffiths 5.18    



Strathearn Marathon

Four Harriers played their wildcards and jokers to good effect at the Strathearn Marathon. The points move Ben and Iain to the top of the men's leaderboard, Lauren moves into second place and Sonja enters the top five. 

Championship points scored:

Ben Murphy 23.52 Sonja McFadden 19.91
Iain Thomson 24.24 Lauren Fairweather 17.51

Race 7 Dunblane 12k

Hot weather (by our standards) for the Dunblane 12k. This was the first time the race has featured in the club championship and was a new race for everyone in the club. It was more undulating than some of us had anticipated, but featured pleasant rural running on quiet back roads. 14 Harriers ran, with some excellent post-Stirling marathon performances from Roger, Nic, Lauren, Janine and Andrew B, and good points being scored.

Championship points scored:

Roger Goddard 13.85 Nicola Watson 13.35
Ben Murphy 11.55 Lauren Fairweather 10.48
Wattie Mackay 13.82 Julia Greenlees 12.57
Paul Taylor 12.45 Lynne Aitken 11.15
Tony Wayte 12.16 Janine Grant 10.07
Iain Thomson 11.64    
Gary Brock 9.51    
Al Nicholl 8.95    
Andrew Brown 6.58    

Full race report and results here.

Race 6 Kinnoull Hill race

Bright sunshine and dry conditions were the order of the day for the Kinnoull Hill race. Top Championship performance came from Greta Dargie in her debut for the club, finishing 3rd senior woman. For the men, Aaron and Wattie ran well and picked up good points.

Championship points scored:

Aaron Dawson 11.77 Greta Dargie 12.78
Wattie Mackay 13.32 Julia Greenlees 10.68
Tony Wayte 10.78 Nicola Watson 10.39
Andrew Scott 9.09    
Iain Thomson 8.95    

Race report and results here

Race 5 Loch Leven half marathon

Another race with excellent running conditions, with five Harriers taking part. Star performer was Ben Murphy, taking 4 minutes off his time from last year to finish in 9th position overall, with a cracking time of 1.22.49.

Championship points scored:

Tony Wayte 12.64 Bronze Achievement Award
Ben Murphy 12.63 Bronze Achievement Award
Jim Alexander 11.46  
Andy Scott 10.47  
Graeme Aitken 5.57  

 Race report and results here.

 Race 4 Dumyat Hill race

Perfect running conditions for the Dumyat race, with eight Harriers taking part. First Harrier home and top point scorer was Aaron Dawson, finishing in 29th position, in a time of 40.50. Cathy was first for the women, in a time of 55.11.

Championship points scored:

Aaron Dawson 10.57 Cathy Tilbrook 9.90
Nick Gough 9.99 Fran Loots 8.26
Andy Gallagher 9.59    
Tony Wayte 9.21    
Gordon Morrison 7.39    
Hugo Barker 4.77    

Full race report and results here.

 Race 3 Norman's Law hill race

Only two takers for the Norman's Law hill race, in Fife. Andy Gallagher was first Harrier home in 39.13, with Iain Thomson in 43.22. The race was won by Logan Rees of Fife AC in a speedy 29.24.

Andy's performance puts him at the head of the leaderboard, with Iain moving into fourth place, and just 3 points separating the first four runners.

Full results here

Race 2 Tom Scott 10 mile road race

A cracking days for a 10 mile jaunt round Strathcylde Park for eight Harriers. To no-ones surprise, Ben was streets ahead of the rest of us with a cracking time of 61.57, with Maddy leading the women home in 73.41. Sadly, the presence of some Olympic-class athletes made it hard for the men to score decent points, but Ben is putting down a very solid marker, and Maddy leads the way for the women.

Championship points scored:

Ben Murphy 10.8 Maddy Watson 10.58
Tony Wayte 9.85 Nicola Watson 10.96
Gary Brock 8.96 Lauren Fairweather 9.25
Andrew Brown 4.59 Julia Greenlees 9.86

Full news and results here.

 Race 1 Gartmorn 6 Trail race

Nothing like getting your points in early, which is what Andy Scott did with his joker at Gartmorn. A great run from Ben puts him in a strong second position. For the women, Wendy carries on where she left off last year, and there's the prospect of a good tussle with Sonja, Maddy, Cathy and Nic.

Championship points scored:

Andy Scott 20.06   Wendy Taylor 13.01
Ben Murphy 12.89   Sonja McFadden 12.38
Andy Gallagher 12.25   Maddy Watson 12.38
Doug Flint 12.20   Cathy Tilbrook 12.04
Tony Wayte 12.12   Nicola Watson 11.46
Gary Brock 11.23   Rachel Gallagher 11.40
Iain Thomson 11.10   Lauren Fairweather 9.99
Gordon Morrison 10.84   Janine Grant 9.37
Richard Collingwood 10.77   Elizabeth Mestecky 9.05
Andrew Brown 8.57   Susan Sharp 8.30
Dave Griffiths 5.45   Mary O'Kane 4.93

 Full news and results here.


Men's Championship Table

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Wattie Mackay* 86.59 7
Tony Wayte* 75.69 9
Ben Murphy* 71.39 5
Iain Thomson* 70.01 6
Gary Brock* 64.46 6
Andy Gallagher* 56.37 5
Andy Scott* 53.78 5
Andrew Brown* 42.72 5
Mark Dillon 31.19 2
Gordon Morrison 28.29 3
Paul Taylor 24.61 2
Aaron Dawson 22.34 2
Richard Collingwood 22.24 2
Roger Goddard 13.85 1
Doug Flint 12.2 1
Jim Alexander 11.46 1
Dave Griffiths 10.63 2
Nick Gough 9.99 1
Al Nichol 8.95 1
Graeme Aitken 5.57 1
Hugo Barker 4.77 1

Ladies' Championship Table

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Maddy Watson* 71.58 7
Nicola Watson* 71.52 8
Julia Greenlees* 65.38 6
Lauren Fairweather* 59.74 8
Susan Sharp* 47.24 5
Sonja McFadden 32.29 2
Cathy Tilbrook 31.59 3
Lynne Aitken 20.45 2
Janine Grant 19.44 2
Wendy Taylor 13.01 1
Greta Dargie 12.78 1
Rachel Gallagher 11.4 1
Liz Mestecky 9.05 1
Fran Loots 8.26 1
Mary O'Kane 4.93 1