Strathearn Harriers - New Year's Day Run 2014

Leg maps and instructions

Download maps for all the legs here. All legs are runs by 1 runner - no paired legs this year.

Leg 1 11k, 527m ascent

Leg 2 7k, 400m ascent

At the request of the landowner, and to minimise disturbance to game birds, runners are asked not to recce Leg 2 after August 1st.

Leg 3 12.6k, 712m ascent

Leg 4 11k, 370m ascent

An updated 2016 overview map showing the whole route and the positions of all the checkpoints is available here. Grid references for the 2016 checkpoints are available here.

Please also read this important information regarding the race. The race takes place in a beautiful part of the country and covers difficult terrain. It is essential that everyone taking part follows these instructions and behaves appropriately and with consideration for other users of the countryside.