Strathearn Harriers - New Year's Day Run 2014

Strathearn Marathon 2021 FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


The marathon is being run this year under Scottish Government Covid guidelines – can you summarise what this involves?

Most importantly, YOU MUST STAY AT HOME IF YOU

  • Live in a Level 3 or 4 area – because of Scottish Athletics rules we cannot let you take part in the race
  • Have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last14 days
  • Have COVID-19 symptoms or are feeling unwell
  • Have been overseas to a country on the quarantine list or exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days
  • Or have been told to self-isolate as part of the contact tracing measures in place.

Covid Precautions during the event

We’re following Scottish Athletics guidance on precautions to minimise COVID-related risks during the event. Principal elements of that are: minimum time spent by runners at start/finish venue, runners registering and starting in small waves or "bubbles", physical distancing at all times, no spectators, no prize-giving, no indoor procedures, and additional hygiene measures to ensure sanitation.

  • You are asked to observe national rules on social distancing before going to Registration and after finishing the race. Once you have joined your race “bubble” at registration, physical distancing from other runners in your “bubble” is not required until after the race.
  • You should wherever possible avoid mixing with runners from other ‘bubbles’ during the race.
  • It is of course likely that you will pass/be passed by other runners so please give them a wide berth when this happens. There is plenty of space on the roads throughout the course, but be wary of any traffic at all times.


What is the arrangement for race numbers and timing chips?

These were sent out to you – please let us know if you have not received your number.  A disposable timing chip is attached to your race number – please wear your race number on your front so that it can be clearly seen, and please complete the medical information on the rear of the bib in case of any emergency.


I have camped at Cultybraggan the night before the race previously – is this available this year?

Sorry no – we cannot offer this option this year due to Covid constraints at Cultybraggan.  There are other local facilities which have facilities for campervans and/or camping, e.g. Comrie Croft, West Lodge Caravan Park or Twenty Shilling Caravan Park – all just a few miles from Cultybraggan (see details at end).


I have been given a start time slot – how does this work?

Your start time – printed on the label of the envelope in which your race number arrived, and viewable on the Strathearn Harriers website, is when you will start the race together with your wave or “bubble” of other runners with similar predicted times.  You should report to race registration 15 minutes before your start time, ready to run.  So you should arrive at Cultybraggan prior to that time slot to give yourself enough time to park, use toilet facilities and prepare yourself ready to race.


Can I register early?

No, you should not come to the registration area before your allocated time.  You should not congregate in the registration or race start areas prior to your registration time.  We need to be strict about this to ensure no mixing of ‘bubbles’ at the start


After I go to registration to join my ‘bubble’, what happens next?

Registration will be very simple – we’ll just make a note that you have turned up – so it should take no more than 5 minutes or so.  We’ll ask you to stay in a registration holding area during that time. Thereafter you will be directed from registration to a final warm-up area until your start time.  During that brief final warm-up period you will be able to make last-minute toilet visits if necessary, but as previously said, you should ideally come to registration ready to race.  We are using chip timing at the start and finish so your race time will be recorded when you cross the timing mats at the start and finish.


If I suffer a delay on the day and arrive late what should I do?

Make your presence known to the registration team when you arrive.  If possible they will re-allocate you to a slot in a later ‘bubble’.


Is there somewhere for me to change prior to the event?

We are unable to offer indoor changing this year so please come ready to run. 


Is there somewhere I can leave a bag with clothes for after the race?

We encourage all runners who are parked at Cultybraggan to leave all their belongings in their car.  If you are being picked up/travelling by public transport you can deposit a bag at registration for collection after the race.   Please note that items are left at your own risk, so avoid leaving any valuables.


You mentioned ‘bubbles’ of runners at the start – what about during the race?

You should avoid mixing with runners from other ‘bubbles’ during the race.  It is of course possible that you will pass/be passed by other runners so please give them a wide berth when this happens.  There is plenty of space on the roads throughout the course, but be wary of any traffic at all times.


My family/friends are going to come with me – can they spectate at Cultybraggan?

Sorry, but no.  Under Covid restrictions we cannot allow spectators to congregate at the event venue.  There is a specified location (see map) where they can drop you off prior to your registration time, but they will then have to leave Cultybraggan. We encourage any visitors to make use of the facilities/attractions of the Strathearn area during the race (see details at end).  There are a number of points around the course where spectators can view runners safely.  Marshals will direct them to the main car park when they return to pick you up after you have finished your race.


Are there water stations available?

Water stations will be available at 3.5M, 7.5M, 10.5M, 13M, 15M, 18.5M, 21M, and 24M.  Water will be provided in sealed bottles only generously donated by race sponsor Highland Spring .,   You should pick up a bottle from the table provided as marshals will NOT be handing bottles over to runners.  Please dispose of your bottles in the bins provided a short distance along the road from each water station, so that we can recycle these after the race.


What about the personalised drinks service?

Because of Covid restrictions we are unable to offer our usual personalised drinks service this year.  As noted water will be available at a number of points, but you should carry any nutrition/energy drinks etc. that you require during the race.


If I have to drop out during the race what should I do?

It is most important that you notify the nearest marshal that you have had to withdraw from the race as we need to account for all runners.  Marshals can assist you if you need transport back to Cultybraggan or require first aid.  Marshals are available at all road junctions and water stations.


What happens at the finish?

Your race time will be recorded when you cross the finish timing mat.  Note that there will not be a  big timing clock at the finish showing your race time as runners will have started at different times.  Results will be posted online as soon as possible after the event (hopefully the same evening).  Once you have crossed the finishing line you can pick up your squirrel medal and goody bag from the tables provided.   There will also be chairs if you need to sit down for a minute or two to recover from your efforts.  These will be sanitised between each use.  Once you have recovered we ask you to make your way to your car or pick-up area to avoid a large congregation of runners around the finish area. 


What about post-race refreshments?

Unfortunately, the rules prevent us from providing our usual selection of post-race sandwiches, cakes and drinks this year.  Instead your goody bag will contain savoury snack and sweet snacks freshly prepared by local artisan bakery Wild Hearth, based at the Camp plus a banana kindly donated by Tullybannocher cafe.


Is there a prizegiving?

There will be no formal prizegiving this year.  Cash prizes will be posted to individuals by cheque as soon as possible after the race.


Links to:

Tullybannocher café (race sponsor)

Auchingarrich Wildlife Park and café (note tickets for Park must be booked online)

Comrie Croft – campsite, mountain bike centre, shop and café

West Lodge Caravan Park

Twenty Shilling Caravan Park

Crieff Visitor Centre – café and shop

Lots of lovely craft shops and cafes in Comrie and Crieff